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anomalous intransitive verb

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1 to being, be away, be absent, distant, missing be free, to removed from
2 lacking
3 be distinct

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Locutions, idioms and examples

absum (ab) aliquo = not being near someone || absit ut … = far from me the tought that … || absum alicui = not helping someone || a te abest saliva = you no longer have saliva in your mouth || absum in loco = to be elsewhere || absum ab domo = to be far from home || ab eo absum quin (+ subjunctive) = to be away, to be far from || absum (a) bello = not joining the war || ab (or ex) Urbe absum = being absent from Rome || absit te quaerere = beware of searching || absum dolore (or dolori) = to forget the pain || tantum abest ut … || absum a suspicione = to be above any suspicion || absum Roma = to be far, absent from Rome || absum a reprehensione = to be shielded from reproach || a periculis absum = to keep oneself away from danger || ab signis absum = to have abandoned the standars (= to have deserted) || absum ab ista sententia = I am far from agreeing with this opinion || biduum absum (a Brundisio) || a bello abesse consuerunt = they usually do not join the war || a culpa careo (or a culpa absum) = to be not guilty || aberat illa tertia laus = it lacked this third property || absentibus notus abesse = known be absent people (= far) || absit reverentia vero = no more modesty faced by the truth! || castra aberant bidui || a cultu atque humanitate absunt = far from civilization and humanity || absum aequo spatio ab … = to be at an equal distance from … || afuit a societate sceleris || absum a principis persona = not to be suitable to a distinguished person || afuit ab oculis vestris || absit invidia verbo = far from my words the idea of offending anyone, may you forgive this statement || bidui spatio or biduum or bidui absum || vos procul absitis, qui… || absum (or remotum sum) a culpa = not to be guilty || a consilio fugiendi absum = to be opposed to the intention to flee || a cupiditate pecuniae absum = to be far from the cupidity for money || abes longe gentium = you lie far || aberit a sapiente aegritudo = affliction will not suit the wise || ab hoc vis aberat Antoni = he lacked the strenght of Anthony || abesse a periculo videntur = they think they are far from danger || a qua ipse longe absum = from which (perfection) I myself am very far || alter qui nec procul aberat || a morte propius absum = to be nearer to death || a philosophorum lenitate absum = being far from the moderate language of phylosophers || asperitas frigorum abest || ab ista laude absum = that commendation cannot be denied me || afui simul cum re publica || castra quae aberant bidui (spatio) || vix teli iactu absum || absum iter unius diei = to be one day march away || aequo spatio ab castris aberat || aequo fere spatio absum || quadridui iter Laodicea abeo || ab aliquo paucorum dierum iter absum = to be a few days' travel away from someone || a qua suspicione ille aberat plurimum = a fault for which could not be suspected at all || a Corfinio VII milium intervallo abest = it is seven miles away from Corfinio || Aristotelis finitio non multum a nostra abest || a Brundisio absunt propius quam tu bidui aut tridui = they are closer than you to Brundisium by two or three days || ain patrem hinc abesse rus? || absum ab Urbe milia passuum ducenta = to be two hundred miles away from Rome || a Larino decem milia passuum absum = to be 10 thousand steps from Larino || a cultu atque humanitate provinciae longissimae absunt = they are very far from the refined civilization of the province || ab hoc concilio Remi, Lingones, Treveri afuerunt = the Remi, Lingones, Treveri were absent from this meeting || ceteri metu perculsi a periculis aberant || ceteri, metu perculsi, a periculis aberant || ab urbe plus quam decem dies absum = to be away from Rome for more than ten days || absum ab aliquo loco iter unius diei = to be one day walk away from a place || abero foro, palaestra, stadio et gymnasiis? = will I be far from the forum, the palaestra, the stadium, the gymnasiums? || artium studiorumque vicinitas tantum abest ab obtrectatione || Caesar cum ab hoste non amplius passuum XII milibus abesset || ab hoc genere largitioni ut … , aberunt ii qui rem publicam tuebuntur = from this kind of liberality that consist in … those who guard the interest of the state will keep away || a flumine aberat mons ferme milia viginti = the mountain was twenty miles far from the river || aberat omnis dolor, qui si adesset non molliter ferret = any pain was far from him, but even if one would happen, he would bear it without any weakness || ab castris non amplius milia (or milibus) passuum decem abesse = to be far from the camp no more than ten miles || annos viginti errans a patria afuit Ulixes || abesse taedia et offensiones ac praecipua rerum maxime agitari = away from anoyance and grudges, you can handle more important matters extremely well || ubi fuit Sulla? num Romae? immo longe afuit || Ariovisti copias a nostris milibus passuum quattuor et viginti abesse || ab hostium castris non longius mille et quingentis passibus abesse = not more than one thousand and five hundred steps from the enemy camp || abesse hanc aetatem longe a sepulchro negant oportere = it is said that those who are my age should not stray far from their tombs || a Germanis premebantur, quae fuit causa quare toto abessent bello = they were threatened by the Germans, the reason why they kept neutral throughout the war || absint inani funere neniae luctusque turpes et querimoniae = may dirges and sad regrets and lamentations be far from (my) empty coffin || abest derecto itinere ab Utica paulo amplius passus mille = it lies a little more than one mile away from Utica in a straight line || ad omnes casus subitorum periculorum magis obiecti sumus quam si abessemus || an quisquam tam procul a concipiendis imaginibus rerum abest ut … ?

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