Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions regulate the access, the delivery and the use of the service called «Latin Dictionary», which is located at the http://www.online-latin-dictionary.com website, hereinafter referred as the Service.
The Service is offered by Olivetti Media Communication, Enrico Olivetti, headquartered in Candaba, Pampanga - Republic of the Philippines, hereinafter referred as the Supplier.
The user of the Service will be hereinafter referred as the User. The Service may not be transferred to third parties whether or not for return in payment.

The Service is available for your personal, non-commercial use. It is strictly forbidden to reproduce, copy, distribute, transmit or modify in any way any portion of the Service, exceptions provided for educational purposes as stated in the paragraph «COPYRIGHT OF THE SERVICE».
If the User does not agree with these terms, he must not use the Service. The partial acceptance of these conditions as well as their acceptance with reservation is not accepted. The use of the Service by the User shall constitute the acceptance of all these conditions.

With regards to the policy of the Supplier relating to the protection of the confidentiality of the User's personal data, please refer to the Privacy statement.

The Service is provided as is. The use of this Service by the User is at his/her risks. The Supplier is not responsible in any way for any damages arising from the use, or inability to use the Service. The Supplier assumes no responsibility for the content published relating to its reliability and accuracy, nor for any damage, and no responsibility for any loss, lost profits, school failure, etc. suffered as a result of using the Service.

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It is strictly forbidden to reproduce even partially the content of the Service, in any form, without a prior written consent of the Supplier.
However it is possible to mention the definition of one or two entries within another text when this inclusion is aimed at explaining the meaning of a single word or of a grammatical rule. In this case, you must cite the source: Latin Dictionary and, if possible, it must be properly linked to the main page of the website of the Latin Dictionary (http://www.online-latin-dictionary.com).

It is possible to create a link for the search form of the Latin Dictionary on other websites. In order to do this, please ask is for the access code required. It is not permitted to use or publish the Service on other websites without our prior written permission.
You can freely insert a link to the main page of the Service, but not a link to the pages inside the site.
It is strictly forbidden to insert a link to the Service on any site with adult content and sites contrary to the laws of the jurisdiction in which these sites have their registered office.
Regardless of the legality of the sites in their jurisdiction, in any case, we do not allow any site publishing anti-Semitic content, theses denying the Holocaust, sites which incite feelings of racial hatred, which promote fascism, or political and economic theories which allow the exploitation of man by man and/or against the social ownership of the means of production.
The Supplier reserves the right, in its sole and final judgment to express their approval or the refusal to consent to the inclusion of such links and/or search form.
The inclusion of a link to the Service on a site that does not fall within the parameters described above is a violation of our intellectual property.
Failure to remove quickly the link or the search form at the request of the Supplier, even by e-mail, constitutes an infringement of copyright and will be prosecuted as such.

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It is not our intention to infringe intellectual property rights of others. Data published by the Supplier is of his own creation, data which rights have been acquired, or content drawn in good faith from the public domain.
Any copyright owner of any content of the Service, is asked to contact us and provide appropriate documentation and the data will be removed as soon as possible by the Service.

The logos and trademarks appearing on the Service are our property or property of our sponsors or advertisers. This material may not be used without the consent of the respective owner.

External links that are listed on the Service are published for the convenience of the User. The Supplier assumes no liability and makes no warranty as to the content, accuracy and security of these third party sites.
The Supplier assumes no responsibility for any external information to the Service, for any content linked or advertised by the service.
The Supplier does not warrant for companies whose advertising appears on the Service. Any relationship between these and the User are under the full responsibility of the User.

The Supplier reserves the right to modify these terms at any time without giving prior notice. The changes will apply from the date of publication on the Service. If the User does not agree with any of the changes, he should stop using the Service.

In case of disputes, the competent jurisdiction will be elected by the Supplier as its permanent address.

1 january 2007