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anomalous intransitive verb

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1 to go away
2 to go off, to succeed
3 to go forth, to go away, to depart
4 to deteriorate, to change status, to transform
5 to pass away, to disappear
6 to propagate, to spread

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Locutions, idioms and examples

iamnunc abis || vacuis manibus abeo || abi! || comitia abeo || abeo in aliquam rem = to transform into something || iamne abis || abeo ab aliquo = to depart, to depart from someone; to deprt from someone's house || abeo e vita = to die || abeo ex or e conspectu || abeo consulatu = to leave the consulship || abeo ab iure = to depart from the law (= to violate the law) || abeo in corpus = to sink into the body || abeamus a fabulis = let's leave the fables be || abi ne conspectu meo? || abi, ludis me = let's leave, you are making fun of me || abi sane = go away for Heaven's sake! || abeo exsulatum = to go into exile || abeo honore = to leave a position || abit ulterius = he pushed himself further || abit ambulatum = she went for a stroll || abiit visere = he went to visit || abiit ad plures = he went to the world of the better ones (= he died) || abii Tarentum = I went to Tarentum || abeo ex agris = to leave the camps || abeo potius = I prefer to leave || abeo navi = to leave the ship || abeo incepto = to leave the topic (to go off topic) || abeo in vanum = to succeed in nothing || abeo in araneam = change into thin threads (like the spider's) || abeo impune = to leave (= to remain) unpunished || abeatis ab ignavia = you come out of moral torpor || abeo in aliquas terras = to leave for another country || abi deambulatum = go take a walk || bibe aut abi || abi et renuntia = go and report || abeo a sensibus = I leave the senses (= I abandon this topic) || abeo in silvas = to change into forests || abeo in somnum = to sleep || abeo ab urbe = to depart, to leave the city || clanculum abii || abi domum = go home || abi tuam viam = go you own way || abeo ab oculis = to move away from the stares || auferère non abibis || abeo ab his locis = to depart from these places || iam abiit pestilentia || eatenus abeunt a fabris || a subselliis abeo = he stopped forensics || abeo magistratu = to leave to position of magistrate || ad occidentem abit || abibunt isti in ambustionem aeternam = they will be damned to the etarnal fire || tace atque abi intro || abiit ille annus = that year passed, ended || vos in aram abite sessum || i (abi) prae || e medio excedo or abeo || abiit illud tempus = that time passed || abeo hinc non sinam = I will not let (you) depart from here || abeat quovis gentium = that he may go anywhere in the world (= to hell) || e medio abeo or excedo || abeo ad regem in Mauritaniam = to go to the king of Mauritania || abiit nec rediit = he left and did not return || abire Morboviam iusserat = he told him to go to hell || abeo, valete, iudices = I am leaving, goodbye judges || abiturus illuc quo priores abierunt = destined to go where ancestors went || ab or ex oculis abeo or concedo = to disappear from sight || abeo in communem locum = to go to the world of the better ones, to die || abi in malum cruciatum = go to have yourself hanged || ad legionem abiit domo = he left the house for the military service || abi in malam rem = go to hell || abi (or i) prae = go on || abi (or i) dierecte (or dierectus) = go to have yourself crucified || abite tu domum et tu autem domum = go away, you to your house and then you to your house || ab urbe abeo (or abscedo) = to depart from the city || ab his locis abeo = to move away from these places || i sane e abi sane || abi intro et comprecare = go inside and pray || ab iudicio victus abeo = to leave the proceedings defeated || ad deos abiit Hercules = Hercules went among the gods || abi et obsonium adfer = go and bring some food || abi (or abite), abi intro, abi modo = go away, go inside, come on || abeo in avi mores = to adapt in the end to the ancestor's customs || abi tacitus tuam viam = go your own way quietly || abeo cubitum (or dormitum) = to go to sleep || abeat Fortuna superbis = may fortune abandon the proud || abiit aedem visere = he went to visit the temple || aut bibat aut abeat || abeo hinc domum = to leave from here towards home || biennio post quam abii || abi (or i) in malam crucem = go to the gallows, to hell || pessum abeo or eo, or sedeo || abhinc iam abierunt triennium = they went away for almost three years now || in vulgi abeo or pervenio, or venio || agite abite tu domum et tu autem domum || qua nocte ad me venisti, eàdem abis || ad pedes pugna abierat (or venerat) || abire pro ludibrio in ora virûm (= virorum) || ab iudicio abit turpissime victus = he leaves the proceedings defeated with shame || antequam verbum facerem abiit || in ora hominum (per)venio or abeo || abi in malum cruciatum ab aedibus! = get out of here and get yourself hanged || abibunt in vanum monentium verba = the words of those who admonish us will be in vain || abiit iam et transvectum est tempus quo = by now it is gone an waned the time when || pacti ut sine fraude liceret abire || ubi convivae abierint, tum ut venias || abeo, et revocas nono post mense = I leave, and you call me back after nine months || cohortibus abire an manere mallent data potestate || abit somnum gravis oblivia quaerit || abii ante lucem ut me omnino illi ne viderent = I left before dawn, to make sure that they would not see me || abire hinc ni properas grandi gradu = if you do not hurry to get out of the way at full speed … || abit res a consilio ad vires vimque pugnantium = the result is transferred from the mind (of the captain) to the strenght and ardour of the fighters || abeant ac recedant voces illae quas metus exprimebat = that expressions caused by fear may be banned || abi quo blandae iuvenum te revocant preces = go wherever bland prayers of the youth invoke you || abi istac transversis angiportis ad forum = go away from the forum this way, through side streets || abi prae, Sosia; iam ego sequar = go ahead, Sosia; I will follow right away || Catilina abiit, excessit, evasit, erupit || abiere (= abierunt) Romani ut victores, Etrusci pro victis = they went away, the Romans as the victors, the Etruscans as the defeated || biennium iam factum est postquam abii domo || abiit intro, occlusit aedis; nunc ego sum exclusissimus = he came back, he closed his house; here I am kicked out || abi quaerere, ubi iurando tuo satis sit subsidi = go to look for a place where they give credit to your word || abi, vise redieritne iam an nondum domum va' = go see if he already returned home or not yet || animula … quae nunc abibis in loca pallidula rigida nudula? || Claudius flamen Dialis quod exta perperam dederat flamonio abiit || ubi convivae abierint, tum ut venias vasa lautum, non ad cenam dico

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